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100 Cities / 100 Memorials & Memorial Hunters Club

Blog postings about our program to support the identification, rescue and conservation of our Nations WW1 Memorials.
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Some Recent Question From You...

Here are three great questions that have come up recently:

I'll paraphrase the questions

Question from Donna:

Our preliminary project budget breakdown is estimated at $3000 in
materials and $4000 in labor. If we can get local firms, and professionals
to donate some or all of the time and materials needed to
execute the project, can that in-kind donation count as part of the match for the program?


Since it is not specified in the competition manual, we met with the program executive committee and got a ruling on this one, . Here is the answer.


YES, in-kind donations by a business or supplier can be considered for the match however: 

1. The rate or cost of the in-kind donation is at a standard, commercial and competitive rate they would charge for that service if it were paid for. 

2. The company provides a letter declaring the service and it's commercial value. 

3. They provide an invoice for the service with a line item of the donation that zeroes it out. 

It would however exclude volunteer labor.. IE if a group of legionnaires come out and help you do gardening, you can't just throw a value on that and submit it to the match.

Question from James:

I just ran into this site by a bit of happenstance. Any chance the Commission might accept late submissions. Our city's Eagle Memorial is in dire need of rehabilitation. Thanks!



The submission period for grant applications is open until June 15, 2017 and the project needs to be scheduled for completion by November 11, 2018 - so I think you should be in good shape. 

A great way to get the ball rolling is to contact your local American Legion post, VFW post and Daughters of the American Revolution chapter. These folks will likely have been involved with the original establishment of the memorial. The American Legion and the VFW are also both supporting members of the program - They can be powerful allies and partners in getting these service projects happening.

Question from Mathew:

Our Central School District is working on a monument project involving a bronze tablet that was cast in 1919 with the names of men who died in service from the central towns in our county. The tablet was mounted on the front wall of the county courthouse and remained there until the local American Legion post relocated, to which they took the tablet with them.
Over the last 100 years, the tablet has had many homes but due to recent arrangements was in storage. Students with the school are attempting to raise money and awareness to establish a local monument for WWI veterans using that tablet.
As far as I know, as county historian, we have no memorial dedicated solely to WWI veterans. Would this project be eligible for a grant?



YES, provided that the project is slated to be completed prior to 11/11/2018. 

Your project accomplished all the goals we are after: 

  • Restoring and preserving the honor to the vets, 
  • Creating a community awareness of the community's connection to WW1 and 
  • Teaching the next generation about that. 

I am not on the jury so I have no sway - however,  I just want to say: Thank you! 

Additionally, if you get a preliminary grant application done and submitted , we can promote the project on the US WW1 Commission's website, giving your project visibility, credibility and some sway with local funding sources. You can updated your submission after all the way until the submission deadline on June 15th, 2017.

We will post more questions as they come up in these final months before the grant application deadline on June 15, 2017. Thank you all for your interest and incredible dedication in getting these wonderful projects going!

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