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100 Cities / 100 Memorials & Memorial Hunters Club

Blog postings about our program to support the identification, rescue and conservation of our Nations WW1 Memorials.
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Volunteers Needed to help us implement the Memorial Hunters Club 

The 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program also includes the creation of a National Register of WW1 Memorials under the Memorial Hunter's Club. 

This program not only solicits public engagement in a crowdsource effort to find, identify, record and submit all WW1 Memorials in the USA, but it also seeks to gather the memorial lists from other existing resources including state, county and municipal organizations, historical societies, and institutes of learning that my have existing registers, Today, there is no comprehensive national register of this fading cultural American heritage and the Centennial of WW1 may be our last, best chance to compile this disappearing information. 

The public has responded and we are receiving many submission. Memorial Hunters - We love you!!!

In fact, the response to the program has outstripped our internal resources to manage and post all the results quickly.

This is why we are looking for a small team of volunteer. We need a few volunteers with some web or technology experience that we will train to verify, clean up the submissions, and post the memorials submitted to our national map system. We need some additional volunteers to solicit participation by local communities, schools, church groups, historical societies at the state, county and municipal levels, local veterans organizations, scout troop, universities and others, 

This work will archive the results for future generations to reference. We will put the results into the public domain for any individual, organization or institution to access, download and do with as they please. 

For example, if someone would like to make a wonderful mobile App, this will provide the foundation. If someone would like to travel the country and make 3D, 360 holographic records of the memorials, the core research will have been done. If a local community would like to post a small map of WW1 memorials on their regional web site, the will have a foundation to work from.

The project remembers our heritage, honors our veterans and creates a resource for future generations. And we need to do it NOW while there is national attention on WW1. If helping in this endeavor interests you, please contact theo.mayer@worldwar1centennial.org

You are sure to learn a lot, and have a worthwhile and enriching experience.

Kind regards

Program Manager
100 Cities / 100 Memorials
For the US World War One Centennial Commission

Memorial Hunting is a great activity for the young, the not so young and especially as a guided experience with your youngsters!
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