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Falls Township, PA World War I Statue To Be Restored

By Tom Sofield
via the (Levittown, PA) web site

A statue of a World War I infantryman in Falls Township’s Fallsington section will be restored.

The limestone Doughboy statue that sits atop a small memorial at the intersection of Yardley Avenue, New Falls Road, Main Street, and West Tyburn Road has become weathered and damaged over the years.

Fallingston doughboyThe Doughboy statue in Falls Township’s Fallsington section will be restored.The Doughboy name comes from a popular nickname for American troopers who fought on the battlefields.

The Falls Township Board of Supervisors, who met virtually Monday evening, approved spending $10,700 to clean the statue and pedestal, perform a process to strengthen the stone while maintaining permeability, repair a crack and recreate a missing barrel on the rifle stock, and steam the brick walkway and low wall to clean it and reduce biological growth.

Kreilick Conservation is the firm performing the work. The company has worked on preserving the iconic Rocky statue in Philadelphia, historical monuments in Gettysburg, some in Washington D.C., and hundreds in total, township officials said.

The restoration and repair work will take place following the American Institute for Conservation’s Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice and in accordance with the U.S. Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Restoration.

“It’s in bad shape,” Supervisor John Palmer said. “They are a complete historical reconstruction statue outfit. I’m glad we’re getting this thing moving ahead.”

Palmer noted acid rain and pollution have taken their toll on the statue erected to recognize the veterans and casualties of World War I.

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