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Culver Academy Memorial Tabletloupe

Nearly rectangular bronze plaque with decorative border (laurel leaves punctuated by flowers). Besides lettering, the plaque contains the logo of the FIDAC at top and of Culver Academy (bottom)

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Culver Legion War Memorialloupe
USA 46511

The Legion War Memorial Building was a monumental structure with a monumental mission when it was completed and dedicated: to stand as a memorial to war veterans -- both alive and fallen -- from Culver's ranks. Famous for its Gold Star at the entrance and its classical, exquisite architecture, the memorial building, of course, still stands today. The site features an imposing three-floor memorial building with a Gold Star room, Gold Stars on exterior, and a plaque in honor of those Culver academy students (unnamed) killed in the war from the Federation Interalliee des Anciens Combattants at the base of the staircase (presented and dated October 23, 1922).

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Willmar War Memorial Auditoriumloupe
311 6th St SW, Willmar, MN 56201
USA 56201

The Willmar Auditorium built by WPA is one of the most handsome auditoriums in Minnesota. It has two stories and a basement. In some sections of the building it has a third story. It was built at a cost of $160,000. The building has a concrete foundation, reinforced concrete slabs, steel roof trusses, and a wood roof. The walls are of brick with stone trim. The sculpture over the entrance was done by the Federal Art Project. The basement accommodates a band room, dressing rooms, showers, and mechanical equipment rooms. On the first floor are the auditorium, stage, and kitchen and war memorial room. The second floor has meeting rooms and a projection room.

PWA Moderne realized primarily through a pattern of contrasting stone
inlaid in the brick walls. Over the entrance are three relief panels in stone depicting the glories of agriculture, government, and transportation.

The Willmar War Memorial Auditorium features engraved stones from each state to honor Minnesota veterans. It was built between 1935 and 1938.

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Ironwood Memorial Buildingloupe
213 S. Marquette St.
USA 49938
Charles E. Bell and C. LeRoy Kinports, architects

The Memorial Building is a two-story Neoclassical structure built of concrete in a pentagonal shape. The first floor is raised, providing light to the basement level. The two front facades are faced in grey terra cotta and coursed stone, while the remaining elevations are faced with brick. The heavy bronze door entrances are approached with wide granite steps and are flanked by Ionic columns. Above each entrance, clocks are inset into the terra cotta. A balustrade runs around the roof edge. Multipaned windows separated by pilasters and topped with arches run around the first floor, and rectangular windows with architrave trim are used on the second.


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