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Corporal Dhirendranath Mitra

Submitted by: Tanveer Kalo

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Corporal Dhirendranath Mitra served in World War 1 with the United States Army. The dates of service are: Known May 17, 1918 to March 22, 1919.


Dhirendranath Mitra was born on April 17, 1892 in Darjeeling, Bengal, British India to Beni Gopal Mitra. He immigrated to the United States in 1913 sailing from Genoa, Italy. He originally settled in New York City and worked as farm hand. Then he settled in Lynn, Massachusetts and worked as a engineer for the rest of the his life.

His World War I draft card listed his race as white, residence as New York University 39 E 31st St, and occupation as a farm hand for Mrs. D.P. Warren in West Park, New York.

On May 17, 1918, Mitra was inducted into the United States Army. He was assigned to the Company H 56 Engineers until June 4, 1918. He petitioned for and was granted U.S. naturalization in Washington D.C. on June 4, 1918.

His next two assignments were to Company I 56 Engineers until August 1, 1918 and Company D 605 Engineers until September 1, 1918. On August 7, 1918, Mitra was promoted to corporal.

From September to March 1918, Corporal Mitra served in France with his unit the Headquarters Detachment 2nd Battalion 605th Engineers. On September 25, 1918 Miitra and his unit departed from New York City on the ship Teucer. His U.S. Army Transport Service Passenger List from this period listed his next of kin, as Mrs Samuel P Warren, who was his adopted sister.

During his service in France, Mitra was transferred to Company F, 605 Engineers until October 17, 1918. Mitra's final assignment was Company A, 74th Engineers until discharge. Corporal Mitra was honorably discharged on demobilization on March 22, 1919.

After his military service he British India and returned to New York through London on the ship Saxonia on October 26, 1920. His ethnicity/nationality on his New York passenger list was listed as East Indian .He was also part of the Free Masons starting in June 19, 1923 , raised in November 11, 1923, and his lodge was Damascus.

By 1930, Mitra settled in Lynn, Massachusetts, worked as a mechanical engineer, and lived as a lodger at a 132 South Common St. His 1930 federal census recorded his race as white and language as Hindi. He married Phyllis D. Bryant on December 29, 1932 in Manhattan, New York. They divorced by 1940.

By 1940, Mitra was living alone at 132 South Common St in Lynn and worked at a U.S. Navy Yard in Boston. His 1940 federal census recorded his race as white and had a college. education. His World War II draft card also listed his race as white.

He received a veterans medal from the the Free Masons in 1973.

Corporal Dhirendranath Mitra died on May 4, 1981 at age of 89 in Lynn.59f79c1274642 005262767 01508

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