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Michigan's WW1 Centennial Educational Series M.G. Squier

The story of Major General George Owen Squier and why he matters.

Major General George O. Squier Ph.D

The first army officer to have a Ph.D degree, inventor of Multiplexing which is critical for internet operations and one of the pioneers in aviation and military aviation.

Michigan's World War 1 Educational Series The Peace Movement & Rebecca Shelley

The Peace Movement and Rebecca Shelley

Learn about the origins of the Peace Movement and how a Michigan women Rebecca Shelley, became involved during the World War. Also learn how Henry Ford tried to stop the war in 1915.

Michigan's WW1 Centennial Educational Series Frances Elliot Davis R.N. 1 "A"

The story of Frances Elliot Davis R. N. 1 "A" She struggled to become a nurse and left the medical community has a legend.

Frances Elliot Davis R.N. 1 "A"

She was born in North Carolina after the Civil War, her mother was white and her father was not. Outcasted by her mothers family she struggled to become a nurse and helped the African-American and medical community. She became the first American Red Cross nurse and was given the pin number1 "A".

Michigan's WW1 Centennial Educational Series Eugene I. Van Antwerp & Veterans Day

Eugene I. Van Antwerp provided critical leadership as National Commander of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars to push through legislation to make Armistice Day, November 11th, a National Holiday. After World War 2 and Korea, Congress would change the name to Veterans Day to honor all those who served in the Military instead of just the World War 1 Veterans.

Eugene I Van Antwerp & Veterans Day

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