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Ohio in World War I- Timeline

Registration Day

Registration Day photograph (Ohio History Connection)


Western Troops Returning Home photograph (Ohio History Connection)

  • March 1917
  • 03/27

    Ohio issued first military orders of the war


    Ohio issued its first activation order for select units of the National Guard to protect bridges and other possible easy targets for enemy agents

  • May 1917
  • 05/04

    The 10th Infantry, ONG, reached full strength


    The newly-raised 10th regiment provided the ONG with the size and strength to form its own division.

  • 05/22

    Ohio began recruiting the rest of its regiments to full strength


  • July 1917
  • 07/15

    President Wilson officially called the ONG into Federal service


    All Guardsmen ordered to report to their home stations at 12pm noon.

  • 07/18

    War Department officially formed the 37th Division


    Ohio’s National Guard soldiers constituted this division with the addition of draftees.

  • August 1917
  • 08/05

    ONG Mustered into Federal Service


  • 08/25

    First ONG troops arrived at Camp Sheridan


    Camp Sheridan was the first step in training the Ohioans for combat on the Western Front.

  • September 1917
  • 09/05

    First National Army draftees arrived at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe


  • October 1917
  • 10/28

    Last ONG troops reached Camp Sheridan


  • January 1918
  • 01/30

    New Berlin changed its name to North Canton


    In a wave of anti-German sentiment, citizens started a successful petition to change the Teutonic name of their town.

  • April 1918
  • 04/06

    37th Division paraded through the streets of Montgomery, Alabama


    Part of the opening of the Third Liberty Loan and the one year anniversary of US entry into the war.

  • May 1918
  • 05/08

    Major General Charles S. Farnsworth arrived at Camp Sheridan


    Farnsworth assumed command of the 37th Division and lead the Ohioans for the duration of the war.

  • June 1918
  • 06/05

    83rd Division left Camp Sherman


    Most of the division served in France, but as a Depot Division training replacements bound for combat divisions.

  • 06/07

    84th Division arrived at Camp Sherman


    The 84th had formed in Kentucky, but finished its training at Camp Sherman.

  • 06/15

    First elements of the 37th Division left New York on the Leviathan


    After nearly a year of training, the Ohio National Guardsmen were finally bound for France. By the end of the month the rest of the division had also left for Europe.

  • 06/22

    First of the 37th Division arrived in France


  • July 1918
  • 07/05

    Remainder of the 37th Division Infantry arrived in France


  • 07/16

    37th Division Artillery arrived at Havre, France


    The artillerymen trained at Camp de Souge and remained separate from the 37th Division infantry for the remainder of the war.

  • 07/28

    The 332nd Infantry arrived in Milan, Italy


    The Ohio National Army soldiers formed the core of a Phantom Army meant to intimidate the Austro-Hungarians.

  • August 1918
  • 08/06

    Sergeant Frank J. Knaack, Company C, 145th Infantry, killed


    Sgt. Knack was the first 37th Division soldier to die in combat, a victim of German Machine Guns.

  • 08/12

    37th Division received orders to occupy the Baccarat Sector


    A relatively quiet sector, Baccarat would initiate the Ohioans to life and combat on the Western Front.

  • April 1919
  • 04/14

    The 332nd Infantry arrived back in the United States


    The Ohio regiment disembarked at Camp Merritt, outside of New York City.

  • May 1919
  • 05/01

    Rioting occurred in Cleveland, part of the First Red Scare


    Supporters of Eugene V. Debs clashed with Liberty Loan workers. Two were killed before military and police subdued the violence.

  • 05/03

    The 332nd Infantry demobilized and disbanded at Camp Sherman


Ohio World War I Centennial Committee

Contact: Sara Fisher, Ohio History Connection: sfisher@ohiohistory.org

Committee Members:

Ron Chapman, American Legion Department of Ohio

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Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio 

Paul LaRue, High School History Teacher (Ret.)

Dr. Paul Lockhart, Wright State University

Pete Lupiba, Ohio Department of Education

SFC Joshua Mann, Ohio Army National Guard

David Merkowitz, Ohio Humanities

Colonel Thomas Moe, United States Air Force (Ret.)

Cyrus Moore, Ohio History Connection

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