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VFW’s Impact on WWI Veterans

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  • April 1914
  • 04/15

    The "Veterans of Foreign Wars" is Officially Born


    The VFW is born through the merger of the American Veterans of Foreign Service and the Colorado Society of the Army of the Philippines. In 1905, the AVFS united with a group previously knowns as the American Veterans of Philippine and China Wars.

  • July 1914
  • 07/28

    WWI Begins


    Although WWI was a global war originating in Europe on July 28, 1914, the United States did not enter the war until 1917.

  • August 1914
  • 08/08

    VFW Post 78 Established


    The oldest Post in Michigan, VFW Post 78, was established and named in honor of Pvt. James D. Donovan.

  • September 1914
  • 09/01

    VFW Post 8750 Established


    VFW Post 8750 Old Glory Post was established in Daly City, Calif.

  • April 1915
  • 04/13

    VFW Post 51 Established


    After four years of work, VFW Post 51 Ensign John R. Monaghan Post Post 51 in Spokane, Wash., secured its charter. There were 65 original charter members some of which fought in conflicts as early as the Spanish-American war of 1898.

  • 04/17

    VFW Post 33 Established


    On Aug. 21, 1914, the unit first created from the Army of The Philippines which then amaigamated with the American Veterans of Foreign Service in 1913, amaigamated with the Veterans of Foreign Wars but did not earn their charter until April 17, 1915.

  • July 1915
  • 07/06

    VFW Post 7352 Established


    VFW Post 7352 Forest Park Post was established in Springfield, Mass.

  • November 1915
  • 11/11

    VFW Post 2 Established


    VFW Post 2 Bridesburge Lawton Post was established in Philadelphia, Pa.

  • 11/30

    VFW Post 95 Established


    VFW Post 95 Bronx Post was established in Bronx, N.Y.

  • January 1916
  • 01/13

    VFW Post 16 Established


    VFW Post 16 Thomas F. Healy Post was established in Rochester, N.Y., and is named after Thomas F. Healy who was the first resident of Rochester, N.Y., to die in combat overseas on foreign soil.

  • February 1916
  • 02/10

    VFW Post 3776 Established


    VFW Post 3776 Secaucus Memorial Post was established in Secaucus, N.J.

  • April 1916
  • 04/20

    VFW Post 21 Established


    VFW Post 21 Walter E. Brown Post was established in Connellsville, Pa.

  • October 1916
  • 10/02

    VFW Post 61 Established


    VFW Post 61 F. M. Harvey Post was established in Pueblo, Co.

  • 10/14

    VFW Post 67 Established


    VFW Post 67 Lieut. Lansdale Post is the second oldest VFW Post west of the Mississippi and was established in Sacramento, Calif., in honor of Lieut. Lansdale, a veteran of the Spanish American War.

  • January 1917
  • 01/25

    VFW Post 29 Established


    VFW Post 29 Lorraine Post was established in Haverhill, Mass.

  • May 1917
  • 05/01

    VFW Members volunteer


    Despite their age, VFW members once again volunteer for colors.

  • 05/01

    VFW Legal Aid Board


    Gen. Loyd Wheaton and Illinois Bar Association use VFW Post 74 as the site of a VFW legal aid board -- dispensing free counsel to families of men overseas who were not available to protect their property rights.

  • June 1917
  • 06/01

    Training Camps


    D.R. Sullivan of VFW Post 92 set aside part of his real estate office as a recruiting station and sent more than 200 volunteers off to training camps.

  • 06/06

    VFW Post 25 Established


    VFW Post 25 Gen. Theodore J. Wint Post was established in Scranto, Pa.

  • 06/26

    VFW Post 76 Established


    VFW Post 76 Sam Houston Post, "the oldest Post in Texas," was established in San Antonio, Texas.

  • August 1917
  • 08/11

    VFW Post 52 Established


    VFW Post 52 Luneta Post was established in Stockton, Calif.

  • 08/17

    VFW Post 53 Established


    VFW Post 53 John W. Tiffany Post was established in James Town, N.Y.

  • 08/31

    VFW Post 283 Established


    VFW Post 283 Anthracite Post was established in Kingston, Pa.

  • October 1917
  • 10/06

    War Risk Insurance Act Amendments Passed


    The VFW played an instrumental role in the passing of the War Risk Insurance Act Amendments. In 1914 the United States Congress passed a piece of legislation known as the War Risk Insurance Act that ensured the availability of war risk insurance for shipping vessels and individuals during World War I. In 1917, the War Risk Insurance Act of 1917 amended the insurance program to make life insurance coverage available to sailors in the United States Merchant Marine.

  • March 1918
  • 03/08

    VFW Post 91 Established


    VFW Post 91 M/A Wild West Post was establised in Tacoma, Wash.

  • 03/26

    VFW Post 93 Established


    VFW Post 93 Mahoning Valley Post was established in Youngstown, Ohio.

  • April 1918
  • 04/08

    VFW Post 9 Established


    VFW Post 9 Bagley-Gardiner-Foster Post was established in Gardiner, Maine.

  • June 1918
  • 06/27

    Vocational Rehabilitation Act (P.L. 178)


    The VFW successfully fights for the Vocational Rehabilitation Act (P.L. 178), which provided for “vocational rehabilitation and return to civil
    employment of disabled persons discharged from military or naval forces of the United States.”

  • August 1918
  • 08/05

    VFW Post 246 Established


    VFW Post 246 was established in Minneapolis, Minn.,and named in honor of James J Ballentine. James was a lieutenant in Machine Gun Co. 3rd Infantry and was KIA October 10, 1918, in France.

  • 08/27

    VFW Post 2713 Established


    VFW Post 2713 Farwell-Roosevelt Post was established in Seattle, Wash.

  • March 1919
  • 03/03

    Census Act Rider on the Veterans Preference Discharge Allowance


    The VFW helps pass the Rider on the Veterans Preference Discharge Allowance. This act redefined eligible veterans to mean all persons who served in an active military capacity, regardless of if the service was in wartime or peacetime, and were honorably discharged. This act also added the wives and widows of those too disabled to qualify for government employment.

  • January 1921
  • 01/01

    National Service Bureau


    In 1921, as a way to concentrate our lobbying strength, the VFW created the National Service Bureau which later became the VFW National Veterans Service, a respected insitution on Capitol Hill.

  • August 1921
  • 08/09

    Veterans Bureau Act


    The VFW helps fight for the Veterans Bureau Act, consolidating federal veterans programs. The Public Health Service Veterans’ hospitals were transferred to the bureau.

  • March 1923
  • 03/03

    Veterans Preference Point System


    The VFW helps create the Veterans Preference Point System which was passed by executive order. The system added 10 points to the score of disabled veterans and five points to the scores of non-disabled veterans. This was the first time points were added to the examination scores in the appointing process.

  • January 1924
  • 01/18

    House Veterans Affairs Committee Established


    The VFW helped establish the Committee on World War Veterans' Legislations which would become known at the House Veterans Affairs Committee in 1946.

  • May 1924
  • 05/19

    World War Adjusted Compensation Act


    As early as 1919, the VFW began to agitate for what we chose to call “adjusted compensation." After a hard fight, the World War Adjusted Compensation Act, or Bonus Act, was passed, awarding veterans additional pay in various forms.

  • July 1924
  • 07/06

    World War Veterans Act


    The VFW successfully fights for the World War Veterans Act (P.L. 68-242). The 1924 World Veterans Act provided that the rating schedule should remain based on the concept of “average impairment” but that it be tailored to recognize the effects of the disability on the pre-service occupation of the veteran.

  • July 1930
  • 07/03

    World War Service Disability Pension Act (P.L. 522)


    After the 1924 World War Adjusted Compensation Act, the VFW continued to fight to protect and take care of those who fought for our freedom. With the passage of P.L. 522, Congress first introduced the term presumption in connection with military service.

  • 07/31

    Veterans Administration


    After the Veterans Bureau Act was passed, the VFW continued fighting for veterans benefits. In July 1930, President Herbert Hoover signed Executive Order 5398, elevating the Veterans Bureau to a federal administration — creating the Veterans Administration to "consolidate and coordinate Government activities affecting war veterans."

  • October 1931
  • 10/01

    Bacharach Amendment


    In the fall of 1931, the VFW demanded immediate payment of the face value of the bonus certificates. By the end of 1931 the Bacharach Amendment was passed allowing the borrowing on WWI bonus certificates.

  • June 1933
  • 06/06

    Wagner-Peyser Act


    The Wagner-Peyser Act of 1933 was supported by the VFW and created the Veterans Employment Service. The act set minimum standards, developed uniform administrative and statistical procedures, and published employment information.

  • May 1938
  • 05/13

    Armistice Day Becomes a Legal Holiday


    VFW supported the act that made Armistice Day a legal holiday in the U.S. In 1954, Armistice Day is amended to Veterans Day.


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