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WW1 Memorials Map

memorial hunter 150100C 100M Icon smallThe first hurdle participants face is finding local WWI Memorials. Though incomplete, the map below has the WWI memorials the WW1CC has gathered.  So get your "Indiana Jones" on and help us find missing memorials with the Memorial Hunters Club, where you are encourage to search for and discover local WWI memorials missing from our register and map below. If you are the first to find a missing memorial, not currently shown on the national map, your contribution will carry your name as the discoverer. When completed, we will publish this mapped database for any organization, institution, school or group to use in any way they would like.

The 100 Cities / 100 Memorials program team


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1712 S. Glendale Ave
USA 91205

This bronze statue sculpted by Theo A.R. Kitsun depicts a World War I infantryman looking straight ahead, holding a rifle in front of himself with both hands.  It is approximately 9 feet tall.

900 Ford St
USA 78643

This memorial, dedicated on November 30, 1930, features a World War I doughboy with his rifle in his left hand and his right hand raised in a closed fist. Details included with the soldier are a bedroll, canteen, and a small pack. Beneath the statue is a plaque that lists the names of 17 Llano County citizens who lost their lives during the war. 

The plaque reads as follows:

"In Grateful Memory of the Men From Llano County Who Made the Supreme Sacrifice In the World War 1917-1918.

[list of names]

“If Ye Break Faith With Us, We Will Not Sleep.”

Erected by The Shakespeare Club, Llano Tex."

Teich, Frank, 1856-1939, sculptor.
Paulding, John, 1883-1935, sculptor.
American Bronze Company, founder.

2 Old Dominion Road
USA 10992

Stained Glass Window crafted by Tiffany & Co. Dedicated in 1919 with a large celebration, a parade, and a speech by NY Governor, Charles S. Whitman. Names include Malcolm L. Tuthill, one of the first men to receive a Purple Heart, whose helmet, tunic, and boots are on display at the National Purple Heart Museum.

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Polk County Courthouse, Courthouse St.
USA 28722

An unknown sculptor fashioned this marble sculpture of a WWI infantryman holding the barrel of his rifle with both hands in front of himself. He wears a wide-brimmed hat, hobnail boots and wrap leg­gings, and he carries a knapsack over his shoulder. The base of field and river stones has a marble panel inscribed in honor of the seven local men who died in WWI, and all from Polk County who served in it.

USA 47421
4th & D Streets
USA 99004

Inscription: A.E.F. World War Veterans 1917-1919 (no local servicemen died in combat during WW1)

The four sides of the monument are inscribed with an acknowledgement and names of those who died in conflict from the Civil War through Afghanistan.

60 Knox Lane
USA 26003

The Aviator is a monument that was commissioned by Sallie Maxwell Bennett, the mother of a young man killed during World War I on August 24th, 1918. Her son, Lt. Louis Bennett Jr., was serving in the Royal Air Force's 40th Squadron in France in the fall of 1918 when he was killed. Just before his death, he had destroyed three enemy planes and nine spy balloons from August 15th to August 24th. Before his decision to join a few hundred American pilots in England's Royal Air Force, Bennett was the captain of the West Virginia Flying Corp in Wheeling.

The statue was sculpted by Augustus Lukeman (1871-1935) and dedicated on November 11, 1925 to honor Americans. who died in World War I.  The monument was moved and rededicated on November 11, 1975. 

USA 47012
Castile United Church of Christ, Main and Washington Sts.
USA 14427

This copper figure of a WWI infantryman carrying a rifle and a grenade appears to be advancing through No Man's land. It was sculpted by E.M. Viquesney and dedicated in 1926. The statue is re­moved from its granite base at the end of each October to be cleaned and repainted, and is returned to the site at the church at the end of the following May.

Forest Lawn Cemetery
USA 14208

This is a tower memorial honoring the American dead of World War I.  Erected in 1929 by the American Legion, the inscription reads:

To preserve the memories
and incidents
of our association
in the Great War

USA 46947
Located in Mount Hope Cemetery.
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Ohio Historical Center, 1982 Velma Ave.
USA 43211

This nine foot tall sculpture was created by Bruce Wilder Saville (1893 - 1938), depicting a WWI soldier returning home from vic­tory. He holds his rifle and a German soldier's helmet. It was dedi­cated on April 6, 1926, and was part of the War Memorial Wing of the old State Museum on the Ohio State University campus. It was moved in August of 1970 to the top of the dome of the Ohio His­torical Center, and in 1991 was moved to the center's entrance.

Former Swain County Courthouse, Main and Everett Sts.
Bryson City
USA 28713

This is a tall limestone WWII soldier, wearing a helmet, pants tucked into boots, and a uniform shirt and belt. Over his right shoul­der is slung a rifle. It is dedicated to the war dead from Swain County in WWI, WWII, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Their names are incised on the marble base.

15 Depot Park
USA 59901
July 4, 2007

This memorial monument is dedicated to the fallen servicemembers of Flathead County from the Spanish-American War to the present day. It is located near the old Kalispell railroad depot, in what is now called Depot Park.

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Montgomery County Courthouse Square 108 E. Main St.
USA 27371

A five foot tall white marble statue of a WWI soldier is dressed in a waist-length jacket, helmet, boots and britches. His right arm is raised in the air and he holds a rifle in his left. It was dedicated in about 1926 to honor the Montgomery County men who served in the Spanish-American War and WWI.

Green County Courthouse, 320 Main St.
USA 12414

A bronze WWI soldier is running over rocks and barbed wire, with his rifle held in the air in his right hand. He wears a helmet and has a knapsack on his back. Beneath is a square granite base with a plaque dedicated to the men who served in the Tenth New York In­fantry during WWI.

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100 Year Armistice Memorialloupe
USA 47025

This memorial was my Eagle Scout project dedicated to all Americans who served in the First World War. It has the names of the local veterans who served in WW1 and are buried in the cemetery. It was unveiled and dedicated at 11am on November 11th, 2018. Exactly 100 years after the armistice that ended the Great War. The 48 star flag is atop the inscription and it only has the years 1917-1918 inscribed upon it because it is an American memorial.

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101 Memorialloupe
Oakwood Cemetery, off of Hatch Blvd
USA 35660

101 Memorial

100 Cities / 100 Memorials

100c 100m wwi centennial plaque This project by the citizens of Muscle Shoals Area of Alabama is to recognize and honor the civilian war efforts of those who worked and died during 1918 in the building of Nitrate Plants and Wilson Dam of the Tennessee River. Sponsorship of the project is being provided by a local Steering Committee of leading citizens together with support from the American Legion and DAR/SAR organizations.

The 101 victims (all died in Nitrate #2 hospital) were recorded by name and sketched as to location of burial by Mr. R.B. Brodie (recorded in data book of 1918 and transcribed in 1921). It is intended that this recognition monument stand for all time as a tribute to their devotion to duty and sacrifice during time of war in service to their nation.

102nd Infantry Regiment Memorial loupe
279 Derby Avenue
West Haven
USA 06516

The memorial was constructed August 9, 1942 by the New Haven Chapter Yankee Division Veterans Association. The regiment is where the New Haven Grays were formed. Today the memorial continues to serve as an active National Guard Reserve Unit.

107th Regiment Memorialloupe
Central Park, 5th Ave. and 67th St.
New York
USA 10065

This bronze sculpture nearly 10 X 15 X 5 feet in size, depicts seven soldiers charging the front lines during WWI. The three cen­tral ones attack with bayonets while the others are wounded and slump. They are arranged as in a pyramid, and beneath is a stepped granite base. It was sculpted by Karl Illava (1896-1954) and dedicated on 66th St. on September 29,1927, to honor the members of this in­fantry regiment who served in WWI. It was moved to its present site after WWII.


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